Cheeky Felicia/The Fortnight. Collaboration with Harry Clayton-Wright

8 colours, performing 8 hours a day alongside The Fortnight.

Colours used: Cheeky Felicia, Cottage by the Sea, Shh…, Peekaboo, Snake Charmer, Swoon, Dip in the Pool and Pursuit of Happiness.

*imagery courtesy of Matt Wilkinson

The Fortnight, performed at Abingdon Studios Project Space, Blackpool.

Across 14 days, Harry Clayton-Wright presented 14 brand new eight hour performance pieces. Each day involved its own persona, its own world. Each piece experimented with the different ways in which people stage themselves over time. Reflecting on the artist’s experience with growing up in Blackpool – a sea-side town ubiquitous with traditional entertainment – and with his biography as a professional performer, The Fortnight is a show about show business, a series of performances about performance itself.

Drag, dance, lip sync, tattooing, all day raves, showbiz autobiographies, character comedy, storytelling, Scrabble with mum and more.

Audience members are invited to visit briefly or stay a while. Some days invite more participation than others, some days require more observation. The days are designed to serve as counterpoints to one another in tone and what they explore. They have been carefully programmed in relation to The Fortnight as a two week durational experience – visit once or collect all 14.

Commissioned by The Spire, produced by David Sheppeard, supported by Abingdon Studios, Marlborough Pub & Theatre and New Queers On The Block and using public funding by The National Lottery through Arts Council England. Set design by Ryan Dawson Laight. Queer colour installation by Garth Gratrix. Performance development by Melanie Jame Wolf. Poster image by Joel Devereaux with costume by Ruby Slippers. Poster design by Sarah Ferrari.

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