Gratrix’ work deals with queerness and, or queering; how working with materials, language and space can remain ‘slippery’, experimental, and curious. 

They create sculptural and installation works on a spectrum where the formal and the frolic co-exist. This slipperiness and queer intent is held using a self-imposed rule of ‘nine inches apart, together, away, repeat’. Enlivening and complicating the artist’s aesthetic desires and spatial deviances when exploring the quotidian of work and life through nuanced queer expression.

Gratrix is founding director of Abingdon Studios Ltd (est. 2014) and recipient of the Clore Visual Art Fellowship 2023.

list of artists worked with to date:

Iain Andrews, Rachel Ara, Hannah Elizabeth Allen, Abid Aslam, Richard Baker, Mollie Balshaw, Mat Bancroft, Michael Bartlett, Jordan Baseman, Oliver Bliss, Axel Bottenberg, Becky Bowley, Andrew Bracey, Alice Bradshaw, Jack Brown, Christy Burdock, Pavel Büchler & Evangelia Spiliopoulou, Janette Byrne, Laure Carnet, Mike Carney, Ann Carragher, Peter Cartwright, Reuben Cartwright & Isaac Jordan, Jakub Ceglarz, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Daniel Chong, Fernando Holguin-Cereceres, Genevieve Chua, Harry Clayton-Wright, Jo Clements, James Clarkson, Sue Cohen, Ben Cook, Rick Copsey, Bethany Costerd, Sophia Crilly, James Cross, Charlotte Cullen, Lauren Curl, Matt Davies, Charlotte Dawson, Oliver Doe, Joseph Doubtfire, Tina Dempsey, Jez Dolan, Samantha Donnelly, Annabel Dover, Robbie Driessen, Tiago Duarte, Tracey Eastham, Nicola Ellis, Liam Fallon, Daniel Fogarty, Ian Fraser, Andrew Gannon, Hugh Gilmour, Dan Glenister, Tom Godfrey, Fiona Grady, Simon Granell, Dave Griffiths, Lesley Guy, Guildor, David Hancock, Joe Hancock, Shir Handelsman, Tessa Hawkes, Lubaina Himid & Susan Walsh, Rowland Hill, Felicity Holland, Dale Holmes, Ben Hosken-Jones, Mark Houghton, Steph Huang, Thomas Ireland, Candice Jacobs, Marie Jones (Kochi Kochi), Nick Jordan, Juneau Projects, Rijnder Kamerbeek, Nayeoun Kang, Zoe Keenan, Mark Kennard, Clare Kenny, Karen King, Helen Knowles, Elizabeth Kwant, Andrew Lim, Ross McCarry, Keith MacIsaac, David Mackintosh, Enzo Marna, David McCleavy, David Martin, Joanne Masding, Dominic Mason, Jo McGonigal, Colin McGonigle, Liam mertens, Aya Michlin, Claudio Miller, Jason Minsky, Claire Mont Smith, Hayley Morris-Cafiero, Aija Elina Nieminen, Darren Nixon, Joe Fletcher-Orr, Sean Payne, Narbi Price, Tom Railton, Rosanne Robertson, Carole Reed, Olivia Rowland, Emma Rushton & Derek Tyman, Emily Stollery, Stuart Semple, Heidi Schaefer, Andro Semeiko, Richard Shields, Jayne Simpson, Suzanne Smith, Chester Tennison, Helena Tomlin, Gunhild Thomson, Molly Thomson, Katie Tomlinson, Marianne Walker, Patricia Walsh, Alan Ward, Yu-Chen Wang, Jane Ward, Teresa Wilson, Lisa Wigwam, Steven Wilson, Matt Wilkinson, Charlie Yetton